Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Power Pop Overdose Popcast Volume 31

This Week on Power Pop Overdose we bring you music from The Toms, Librarians With Hickeys, Rick Hromadka, The Harrisonics and The Empty Hearts. Additionally, we feature some music from The Nerves, deep cuts from some of this year’s best so far, and some really cool music from the 13’OClock label and lots more!

As Always, enjoy the music, support the artists and thanks for listening to Power Pop Overdose.

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Curty Ray said...

1. One Man Girl Parade – The Toms
2. That Time Is Now - Librarians With Hickeys
3. State Of Mind - Rick Hromadka
4. That's the Thing (I Was Telling You About) – Harrisonics
5. The World's Gone Insane - The Empty Hearts
I Can’t Believe It’s Been 40 years
6. Sherri Goodbye – The Rudies
7. On A Night Like This – The Boys
8. Foolish Pride – Any Trouble
9. What 'Cha Doin' To Me – Tommy Tutone
10. What Can I Do – The Late Show
Five From Austin’s 13 O’Clock Records
11. Ivy – The Gentle Cycle
12. The Velvet You – The Noble Krell
13. In A World That Just Don't Care – The Higher State
14. When You Go - The Beginner's Mynd
15. Don't Know Why – The Wrong Society
Deep Cuts From Some 2020 Favorites
16. Another True Story – Spygenius
17. Behind You – The Vapour Trails
18. Say What You Will – Ed Ryan
19. Begin Again – Chris Church
20. Second To Last – Reno Bo
I’ve Been Listening To The Nerves A Lot Lately
21. Working Too Hard – The Nerves
22. When You Find Out - The Nerves
23. One Way Ticket – The Nerves
24. Gimme Some Time – The Nerves
25. Walking Out On Love
26. Hanging On The Telephone - The Nerves


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