Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Now Available on Kool Kat / Strand - Can't Trust The Rain

Hello Pop Fans! Here to announce a brand new release available on the Kool Kat Musik label on February 21 - “Can’t trust the rain” by Strand!
Dublin-based Niall Toner Jr. has created an album that will appeal to fans of Big Star, Teenage Fanclub, and The Cosmic Rough Riders! You can read about/order it here

 Niall’s latest music as Strand carries a lot of influences, but in its beating heart lie the ghosts of Gene Clark and the Byrds, Neil Young, Stephen Stills, Big Star, Love, and Gram Parsons, to name a few.  It is as close to Niall’s authentic voice as he has come yet.  On “Can’t Trust The Rain”, Niall is helped by a bunch of extraordinary musicians, including guitarist Ger Kiely, guitarist Duncan Maitland (Slumberjet/Pugwash), producer Les Key (bass), drummer Kevin Malone (Van Morrison) and keyboard player Darragh O’Kelly.

Get it here
Listen to it here


YankeeBoy said...

Your notes make this sound right up my alley. I'd be more liable to purchase however if I could hear something from the album.

Curty Ray said...

Check links at the bottom of the post. You're all set.

YankeeBoy said...



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