Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Alejandra O'Leary and the Champions of the West release their new single Burn Me Up

The name tells the tale: Alejandra O'Leary is a melodic mash-up of far-reaching artistic cultures and geographic and musical influences.

Alejandra O'Leary and the Champions of the West are proud to announce the release of their new single: BURN ME UP. The song was conceived and recorded during the sessions for "Heartspace Timepiece" and features all the band's trademarks: dueling guitars, evocative vocals, and a beat to keep time to your dreams.

Combining classic raw rock with a contemporary pop vision, and musical ideas that span the spectrum of pop and rock history, from The Beatles to Elvis Costello, from Liz Phair to The Strokes, O'Leary's music suggests delightfully paired opposites: Hard-charging and luxuriant, defiant and sugar-coated, individual pain and collective ecstasy, physical drive and spiritual transcendence. Rock and roll.

Get the single on Amazon, CDBaby, ITUNES, or Bandcamp.

Alejandra O'Leary and the Champions of the West - Burn Me Up
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powerpopster said...

Thanks for the post Curty Ray! (Yes, some of us are still looking in here....)

Unknown said...

Anonymous said...

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Sherieh Smith said... there any other works that you have??

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Zhakeira Obrien said...

it is a nice music... :)
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Amarieh Sagun said...

nice music i love it. can i hear more of your music Thanks in advance

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Jenny Fulton said...

Downloaded it in Itunes! Great song.

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Saskiah Hudson said...

it was a nice cover....
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monalizaa said...

I really like it.. for sure I'll buy a copy of it..
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John R. said...

I just checked out the other songs and i should say she has a good voice for a perfect genre.

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