Monday, August 4, 2014

Kool Stuff Katie Rank

Kool Stuff Katie is a Portland-based indie rock band, infused with pop, punk, and New Wave sounds. Their signature stylistic elements include electric synth hooks, heavy drums and guitar, intricate vocal harmonies, and brief but powerful songwriting. Formed in 2012, they consist of Shane Blem (lead vocals and guitar) and Saren Oliver (drums, vocals, synth.)  Think The Dollyrots, The Plimsouls, Ramones,  Peter Case and The Strokes!


Unknown said...

This kind of band gives of strong entertainment.I fell better to see such event

DennisseTiu said...

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Louisse said...

they have a great voice,..

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I love this kool stuff katie band, they are amazing artist!

Sharmayne said...

I love their songs... amazing voice..
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Xhakeira said...

their songs are beautiful
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I love the cover, it's cute

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I would love to hear their music

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i wanna see them live,i'm a huge fan of them,long live!

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I listened to their song they are beautiful..

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