Monday, July 16, 2012

A Message From Tim Lee

On Friday, June 15, my fellow Windbreakers co-founder Bobby Sutliff was involved in a bad single-vehicle accident near his home in Powell, Ohio. He sustained several serious injuries, and as of early July was still in the SICU at the Ohio State University hospital. Due to the severity of his wounds, Bobby faces a very long uphill climb to recovery.

Fortunately, he has good health insurance through his employer, but he faces many months of recuperation, and thus will require some very real help with his living expenses and other expenditures.
Toward that end, we have undertaken a couple of fundraising measures, starting with a Chipin account where Bobby’s friends and fans can donate to the cause. A tribute record of other artists covering his songs is also in the works, and more information about that will be made available in the coming days.

Whether you know Bobby personally or through his music, we request that you donate what you can to help a beloved musician and friend in his time of need.Also, please share this page with your friends. Bobby needs all the assistance he can get.
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top 50 said...

How's Bobby now? I hope he's already on his way to recovery.

harry mario said...

Thanks for the information you shared. Please share useful information with your viewers regularly


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