Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cheap Rewards Records releases "The Reactions - Saturday's Gone Wild"

The Reactions emerged in 1979 amidst the budding South Florida punk scene that featured such revered acts as The Eat, The Essentials, and The Cichlids. Their rapid-fire songs, punctuated by driving guitar and anthemic vocals, foreshadowed the pop punk sound that gained popularity over the next several decades.

The Reactions self-released two limited edition 7” EPs during their brief tenure. Though both records failed to garner the commercial success the band craved, astute music lovers the world over have since discovered their undeniably catchy, hook-filled songs that captivated audiences across Florida for a brief moment in time. The current demand for the original vinyl records has turned them into sought after collector's items.

As its debut release, Cheap Rewards Records is proud to present Saturday’s Gone Wild, a collection of rare and lost recordings by The Reactions. The LP includes the songs from their two releases, 1980’s Official Release EP and 1981’s Love You EP, as well as previously unreleased demo and live recordings that capture the essence of the band’s sound and energy. These tracks were meticulously restored and mastered from deteriorating tapes and now, for the first time, music appreciators can enjoy these lost gems. The record is packaged in a deluxe gatefold sleeve with band photos and liner notes by South Florida legend, Charlie Pickett. All copies come with a free digital download card.

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