Saturday, May 29, 2010

The RATBOYS - "Cash, Gas and Trash" is now avialable.

The Ratboys are coming and you better run for cover! Take a hard rocking outfit and mix wild vocal work, loads of distortion, all- out raw energy, a ballsy bad attitude and voilà: Cash, Gas, and Trash. The Ratboys . . . infectious lyrics, solid guitar riffs, and more than a passing nod to 60s garage rock . . . with a shitload of 77 snottiness thrown in for good measure. Solid from top to bottom, the Ratboys debut album was recorded in three days of blood sweat and beer at "No Hype Studio" and in the boys' own rehearsal room. Not that the Rats give a fuck what you think, still if you care to listen, you're going to be treated to a tutorial on what can be done with a three-minute song. Every cut distinct and guaranteed unforgettable. Thick, crunchy guitar riffs, energetic bass lines, and vibrant drumming pounding relentlessly into your brainpan with atavistic power. No fancy frills. No overproduced arrangements. No fancy packages. These Rats don't need no stinkin' coverups, as they got nothing, absolutely nothing to hide. That's for combos that haven't a clue as to how to do what comes naturally to our Boys, i.e., R-O-C-K!!!

Track List:
1. Backseat Angel
2. Ratboy
3. Bubblegum Attack
4. Hollywood Summer
5. Coconut Jane
6. Goin' Back To School
7. The Things You've Done
8. Never Get Enough
9. Tomorrow Is Gone
10. Help Me
11. Manson Family
12.Trash Avenue .

Get it at

This is released on BRUTARIAN RECORDS.



A must ! These Rats know how to rock with fun!!!
And if you don't buy it the girl on the cover will kill you will serves you right!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the links to buy the CD point to Amazon, where the are no copies in stock. Someone tell Ratboy to send a few more over there.

Anonymous said...

Can't listen, can't buy... the review sounds great though, I'd like to get a chance to hear these guys without buying blind.

biffbangpow said...

Get it at Bandcamp!


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