Friday, January 22, 2010

John Wicks and Paul Collins at McCabes August 23 2009

Paul Collins joined forces with John Wicks to go out on the road to perform the highly successful House Tour 2009. On August 23rd they met at McCabes and those who attended the show were given a glimpse of things to come. John and Paul performed a few new compositions and were later joined by Peter Case for several memorable hits from yesteryear.

Download John Wicks and Paul Collins at McCabes August 23 2009

Paul and John have kindly allowed PPO to share it.
Here's the second half of the recording from the show at McCabes. For the first half head over to the fabulous Power Pop Criminals blog and get it!

Things went extremely well with the 2009 House Tour, and John and Paul are hoping to do the same in 2010. Both John and Paul are recording albums over the next month or two and they'll be performing a few new songs this time round as well as the favorites we all know and love. f you would like information on how to arrange for a house concert with John Wicks and Paul Collins, contact Richard Rossi at

John and Paul doing Hearts In Her Eyes at McCabes

Also worth mentioning:

An online download of The Records Play Live Evanston 1980 is now available through John's website. Don't miss this.

John and Paul's house concert website:

John Wicks' site:

Paul Collins' site: Rate this posting:


Shriner said...

Am I wrong, or do you and PPC both have "part 2" of the set?

Curty Ray said...

Hey Shriner!

Ya gotta click the title on PPC's page. Right above the disc art to get his link.

Anonymous said...

Any chance you can re-up the John Wicks and Paul Collins at McCabes August 23 2009?


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