Monday, August 18, 2008

The House Of Love - Days Run Away - 2005

The trend for bands long disbanded to reform with new material appears to have shifted from dinosaur rockers and Eighties reminiscence acts and is now lapping at the shores of outfits who, to this reviewer at any rate, feel like they were on the scene only yesterday; a sign of one getting old, perhaps. Anyway, while Camberwell's finest may have been away for more than a decade - eleven years to be precise - the reformed The House Of Love sound as sparkling as ever on this, their "comeback" album. The 'Love's trademark sound - jangling guitar pop, mostly upbeat but occasionally heart-achingly melancholic - is much in evidence throughout. The album's opening track, the bittersweet Love You Too Much, sounds like something the band might have recorded back in their prime, while elsewhere there is finer balance between up-tempo tunes and a more sombre mood. Invigorated by the return to the fold of original guitarist Terry Bickers and drummer Pete Evans, frontman Guy Chadwick is in fine vocal form and there is also much on this album that has echoes of the singer's 1997 wonderfully understated solo work, Lazy, Soft And Slow. Standout tracks include the country-esque Already Gone, the unashamedly rocky Kit Carter and the simple two-hander but quite, quite beautiful Anyday I Want.

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