Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Gas Giants - From Beyond The Back Burner - 1999

Robin Wilson and Philip Rhodes seize the opportunity to rock harder with the Gas Giants, their first band since the Gin Blossoms. Paired with guitarist Daniel Henzerling, Wilson and Rhodes stick to the basic tight, power pop sound of the Blossoms, but they turn up the volume and jack up the humor for the Gas Giants' first album, From Beyond the Back Burner. At times, their humor can be positively juvenile — witness all the flatulence references in the band's name and title, not to mention "Stinking up the Charts" — but it's clear that the band, and Wilson in particular, have embraced this chance to loosen up. The result in an unassuming, good-natured, and melodic hard-pop album. Not everything on the record works — a couple numbers are a little too silly, a couple are a little too generic — but it sounds like the band is having a good time, so it's easy to forgive what little filler there is and just groove along to good times. -AMG

If you like "From Beyond The Back Burner" get it here!


csm said...

The link for the first part is corrupted... too many 'http's in it.

Curty Ray said...

Should be ok now! Thanks for letting me know. BTW you should enjoy this one, let me know

csm said...

Thanks... and I like the Gas Giants quite a bit. Thanks again for sharing.

Anonymous said...

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