Wednesday, April 30, 2008

DB Cooper - Buy American - 1980

I know very little about DB Cooper, but I do know it is a gem. They hailed from Santa Barbara, Ca. Warner put out this record with little or no support, and features a talented US band whose members included Jon Chapman(drums and backup vocals), Roger Heath (guitar and backup vocals), Robby Scharf(bass and backup vocals) and Ric Streeter(guitar and backup vocals). Backup Vocals on "Forever Rock 'N' Roll" by Jeff (Pranks) Foskett.With an Elvis Costello flavor and maybe a hint of the Iron City Houserockers thrown in DB Cooper is a must have for any Power Pop Fan. There was a minor label release EP (Every Man a King) from earlier in 1980.

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Anonymous said...

first posted on the powerpop lovers blog, then here

Curty Ray said...

Did not mean to post yet, Sorry, forgot the "props"

Anonymous said...

This CD, and D.B. Cooper's second album, "Dangerous Curves," are actually both back in print via Wounded Bird Records.

James Marino said...

I came across this record back in 2008 or so and popped it on the platter basically on a whim and because I liked the cover. Best surprise digging find ever. A masterpiece of power pop if there ever was such a thing. Criminally overlooked and it's sad they never made it. Nice blog, btw. I will be back.

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