Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Afternoons - Rocket Summer - 2005

How do you make a good album with a lasting appeal? Simply take the delicious source from the glorious melodies of US West Coast pop masters The Beach Boys, mix it with the intelligence of David Bowie's masterful seventies compositions, then add the charm of The Kinks and finally add a twist of contemporary spice with the emotional enthusiasms of Belle And Sebastian and there you have it. Oh, and then give it a name. The Afternoons have christened their particular opus Rocket Summer.


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KingSizeMong said...

A lovely little album.

I bought my copy directly from the band at a low key gig in a venue my band at the time used to play a lot.

Not a very dynamic live act, but then no band I've ever been in has been so I can't talk, but good songs and a great album.

Capt. Willard said...

Very nice. Thanks Curty.

Silversuit said...

Great album. Thanks Curt!


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