Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Private Lightning - Private Lightning - 1980

An obscure Boston band from the late 70s who released one album on A&M Records and prompty disappeared but for those who were living in Boston during this time, Private Lightning holds a special place in their hearts as a band who song "Physical Speed" that lit up the airwaves in New England. Blending elements of new wave, progressive rock, art rock, AOR and commercial rock, Private Lightning just didn't fit into any easy definition of what rock pundits thought music should sound like but they delivered an album filled with great songs back in 1980. It now appears on CD finally and adds 13 additional songs that were recorded for the followup to this album that never made it out. -Not Lame

Private Lightning - Private Lightning - 1980/rs
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Anonymous said...

good one! I've lived here in Boston since 1985 and you never hear about these guys....good stuff....my wife, who grew up here, also remembers "Song Of The Kite" being pretty well played on radio...thx! jim

knownote said...

I'm so glad you saved me from buying this on cd! Renaissance Records is infamous for releasing things they really don't have the rights to, and it sounds like this is one of those times.

This one they "remastered" from vinyl! And it's a terribly distorted "remaster" at that.

I have a version someone did a while back that's infinitely better than this "official" release. (I may have even found it here I don't remember)

But I can't thank you enough for sparing me the anger I would've surely experienced had I paid for this CD, which I was planning on doing!

Anonymous said...

Quite good, but it doesn't fit on a CD. Why is this?


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