Monday, January 25, 2010

Jennifer Trynin - Gun Shy Trigger Happy - 1997

Cockamamie, Jennifer Trynin's accomplished debut, got lost in the shuffle of all the post-alternative female singer-songwriters of the mid-'90s. Many of those songwriters were less talented than Trynin but were more commercially savvy and, therefore, successful. Perhaps this is the reason her second album, Gun Shy Trigger Happy, has a slicker production than Cockamamie, but even with the polish, Trynin remains one of the better adult-alternative songwriters of the late '90s. Lyrically, she has more bite, pathos and wit, and musically she is stronger than many of her peers, with strong hooks and melodies. The production on Gun Shy Trigger Happy tends to gloss over some of Trynin's better qualities, but the record remains an impressive, winning collection of mature pop songs. -AMG

Jennifer Trynin - Gun Shy Trigger Happy - 1997
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