Thursday, January 14, 2010

Holidays Of Seventeen - Yeah - 2008

Holidays Of Seventeen (a.k.a. HO17) are a Japanese Power Pop band formed in October, 2004, in Fukuoka well known as the Rock City of Japan. HO17 have recently opened up for Weezer Japan Tour in Fukuoka and also played for CMJ Music Marathon 2008 in NY. HO17 originally consists of Taro Miura(Vo&Gt), Kota Nakahara(Gt&Cho), YO-PEI Ikari(Ba&Cho), and Munetoshi Nakayama(Dr&Cho) and later Yomogi Yamashita(Key&Cho) joined in.
Each Member has been influenced by various different kinds of music starting from Power Pop and Punk/Emo to J-Pop and Heavy Metal. However, the sound created by four characters totally differing from each other has come together so tight. The reason is their common favorite of all time, Weezer.
In February, 2005, HO17 released their first demo and toured in Kyushu for the first time. They dedicated themselves to gigging around in Kyushu, especially in their hometown, Jonan area in Fukuoka. While gigging around, they improved their Power Pop sound, catchy melodies, and skills even more. -HO17

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