Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fooling April - Every Good Boy Does Fine - 2004

nfectious pop hooks. Unforgettable melodies. Memorable solo chops. This quartet has all the corners covered. Unpretentious, poignant and humorous lyrics combined with sophisticated song structures are found in the timeless music of Fooling April. Four talented, motivated, hard-working and highly sensitive musicians comprise this outstanding ensemble. With a focus on acoustic-edged melodic pop seamlessly blending with classic and modern-rock sensibilities, Fooling April has been pulling in new devotees at every opportunity. Perfecting their dynamic live show in the small clubs of Philadelphia and its surroundings, Fooling April has gone on to regular appearances at much larger venues, appearing with artists like John Mayer, Dave Matthews, Dido, Graham Colton and Ari Hest to name a few. They've also increased their visibility in New York City with regular appearances at such legendary spots as CBGB's, The Bitter End & The Knitting Factory. Numerous college appearances in the eastern U.S. coupled with multiple smaller tours of the Mid-west have cemented the band's reputation as a serious new player on the national musical landscape. Possessing a street team 500 members strong and growing, Fooling April has expertly utilized the web in spreading the word about their efforts. Piano-driven pop-rock has always been a staple of American music and seldom has any artist handled it as masterfully.-CD Baby

Fooling April - Every Good Boy Does Fine - 2004/rs
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Shriner said...

This was a great find. While none of the "appearing with artists..." quote float my boat (as this is much more "Jellyfish" than "Date Mathews"), this was quite a pleasant surprise!

Thanks, CR


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