Monday, March 30, 2009

The Spinanes - Arches And Aisles - 1998

On their third album, singer/songwriter Rebecca Gates' Spinanes lay out a more melodic and lyrically enticing platter, nearly achieving the scarred beauty that their past two efforts merely hinted at within the grooves. Gates receives more than a little help from various studio pals this time around, assisting her in her obstinate quest for indie pop splendor. Arches and Aisles appends its folky lo-fi tunes with a solid backbeat, eliminating much of the oblique posturing from past albums and focusing instead on the crispness of the songs. Gates can still be elusive at times, even cryptic in her meandering wordplay, and some of the songs still crawl around barren indie territory with nowhere to go. But the sweet and sour samples mixed into Arches and Aisles make it the Spinanes least confining, and most listenable, album. -AMG

The Spinanes - Arches And Aisles - 1998/rs
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Anonymous said...

what a crazy coincidence! I was looking for Spinanes stuff last night, and I could manage to find everything except this record...and then I wake up and my RSS reader tells me you've uploaded this! Thanks much!

Anonymous said...

thank you for posting this. you have no idea how long ive been wanting to hear this. can you spell 10 years? in the third world we just do not have the kind of access that you have.

great work.

gavin... said...

te pasate..muy buena banda..gracias.

Anonymous said...

PowerPop Overdose, could you pretty pretty please re-up this one? :(

Love their other 2 releases and have always wanted to complete my collection. Would be eternally grateful!!


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