Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Skyline Drive - Get It Together - 2004

Skyline Drive, heavy pop at it's finest! Formed in late 2002 by Dave, formerly of Warner Brothers recording artists "Tidewater Grain", and Hans, from Triple Crown recording artists "Out To Win" (formally "Mushmouth"), just as something to do on the side. However, they gelled immediately and knew that they were on to something. Realizing the potential that Skyline Drive had, Dave and Hans left the bands they were in and focused 100% on their new project. They recruited drummer Jared, from the now defunct emo band "Thirteen Over Eight", and bassist Justin, formerly of the hardcore outfit Dysphoria, to add to the Skyline Drive sound. The CD "Get It Together" contains some of the most infectious power pop rock since early Cheap Trick and Foo Fighters. The band has recorded and full length album that is available on drp records. Look for the band to waste no time getting on the road and getting this great project to the next level. -CD Baby

The Skyline Drive - Get It Together - 2004/rs

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