Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Sherbs - Defying Gravity - 1980

Australian pop group the Sherbs was formed in 1980; its previous incarnation, Sherbet, was among the most successful Aussie bands of the 1970s, scoring a series of hits including "Child's Play," "Slipstream," "Cassandra," "Life," "Summer Love" and the chart-topping "Howzat." The Sherbs' lineup reunited singer Daryl Braithwaite, guitarist James Harvey, bassist Tony Mitchell, keyboardist Garth Porter and drummer Andy Sandow, all of whom teamed in Sherbet; following the release of their debut LP I Have the Skill, Harvey left the group, and was replaced by guitarist Tony Leigh for 1981's Defying Gravity. After issuing the 1982 mini-LP Shaping Up, the group mounted a farewell tour under the Sherbet banner before dissolving a year later; Braithwaite later enjoyed a successful solo career.-AMG

The Sherbs - Defying Gravity - 1980 pt1/rs

The Sherbs - Defying Gravity - 1980 pt2/rs
The Sherbs - Defying Gravity - 1980 pt1/sb
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Guitarist Harvey James...not James Harvey.


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