Friday, March 27, 2009

Poppy Nosh - We Turn On - 2006

Their third effort, very light Psych Poppy throughout, was co-produced by Mitch Easter and also features his guitar work on some of the tracks "These guys prove that the Spongetones aren't the only band from North Carolina that does Beatle stylings the right way. Unlike their compatriots the Spongetones, Poppy Nosh delves into '70s-era Lennon and Harrisonisms, but keeps things interesting by adding other elements to the Beatle foreground!" - David Bash/IPO once stated. And right you are, David! The boys continue that "Beatle-ism" vibe, both instrumentally and vocally, on this one as well! The vocals on "Paperboy" sound like Pye Hastings of Caravan! And that's a good thing! EXCELLENT!!! -Kool Kat Musik

Poppy Nosh - We Turn On - 2006/rs

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bk said...

thanks for this. if mitch easter is involved it has to be pretty good, no?


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