Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Makers - Rock Star God - 2000

A vainglorious, aggressive concept album, Rock Star God is far and away the Makers' best record. With Michael Shelley's snarl recalling vintage David Johansen, and the band ripping into a sleazy set that could have been the soundtrack for Rocky Horror II, the album consummates their identity as born-again glam rockers while showing remarkable artistic growth. Deeper and more textured than Psychopathia Sexualis, it experiments with fresh instrumentations and effects, adding strings, piano, and various eccentric touches to a smokin' hard rock base. In the process, the Makers produce their tightest batch of songs and considerably broaden their appeal. "Sex Is Good Food" and "Better Way Down" are as raunchy and fun as anything released in the '70s, while "God's Playing Favorites" is a depraved gothic prowl worthy of Iggy Pop. Not to be pigeonholed by their bad boy image, the second half explores more introspective thoughts, with the yearning "Texture of a Girl" and Byrds-esque "Give Me Back Yesterday." One of the best records of 2000.-AMG

The Makers - Rock Star God - 2000 pt1/rs
The Makers - Rock Star God - 2000 pt2/rs
The Makers - Rock Star God - 2000 pt1/sb
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Anonymous said...

LOVE The Makers - great stuff! Reviewed a couple of their albums for Pop Culture Press; very underrated band.

Sitilee said...

I had the pleasure to tour with my band togethe with the Makers in Spain and was one of the best times that i had in my life..

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