Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Hotwalls - The Hotwalls - 2007

The Hotwalls deliver! Dubbed "the prom kings of indie rock," this fiery Detroit combo dishes power-pop perfection with a coveted degree of style, precision and craft. With a name inspired by poor electrical grounding in their former practice space, The Hotwalls appropriately serve as a conduit, transmitting energy and a welcome audible buzz. There's an awesome originality in these songs, informed by stunning displays of instrumental mastery and the band's profound diversity of musical influence, with shared adoration for The Pixies and The Beatles.
The Hotwalls' eponymous debut, released in early 2007 (Detroit's Finest Records), rolls out eight tracks of jangle, jump, punch and pop. The album unearths a rich depository of soul in Detroit rock 'n' roll that lies deeper than the tired "garage" genre. By approaching every song as if it was a single, The Hotwalls graciously spare its audience from substandard filler. Their synergy on stage, and in the studio, is as obvious as their unadulterated joy in song. Ladies and gentlemen, this is The Hotwalls. -CD Baby

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