Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Heavy Blinkers - Better Weather - 2002

On Better Weather, the Heavy Blinkers are masterminds of their own stylish pop. It's a magnificent gush of conventional sounds of the past -- jubilant pianos dancing with whispy horn arrangements. Jason MacIsaac (guitar/vocals) and Andrew Watt (vocals/piano) are vocally charming on the soft parade of "Long as I'm Able." Ruth Minnikin is also a welcomed chanteuse, bringing a sweet flair to the lovedrunk "Lazy in Love" and "I Used to Be a Design," a jazz-like number. The Heavy Blinkers aren't exactly out to make the perfect pop song, they just want to make it accessible in the sense that love can be dreamy and almost fairytale. Like Sarah Shannon and Ben Folds, The Heavy Blinkers ache over smashed hearts and glow in the mending process. Harmonies are breezy on Better Weather, shimmery AM pop with optimism that's easy like Sunday morning.-AMG

The Heavy Blinkers - Better Weather - 2002/rs
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