Wednesday, March 11, 2009

David Mead - The Luxury Of Time - 1999

By virtue of his debut, The Luxury of Time, David Mead seems to have digested a wide scope of pop music through the years. Mead writes slick, sophisticated, and at their best, timeless sounding pop songs that seem to be rooted as much in the tradition of Gershwin and Porter as they are in the music of Lennon and McCartney or Elvis Costello. The elegant 'She, Luisa' and 'While the World is Sleeping', a sweet, romantic shuffle featuring former Hank Snow steel guitarist Kayton Roberts, are as captivating and refreshing as you could hope, while the affable 'Sweet Sunshine', is pure, escapist pop. These, along with tracks such as the melancholy Landlocked and the lovely Breathe You In, gives Mead plenty of room to showcase his wide vocal range and exquisite falsetto. Don't think that any of this implies saccharine tendencies or a lack of substance; Mead can be as tough musically and lyrically as he can be gentle, romantic and lush. Cuts like the irresistible rocker 'World of a King', the troubled 'Touch of Mascara' and the cultural caveat 'Robert Bradley's Postcard' can be both uncompromising and searching. Though sporting a somewhat glossier sound, The Luxury of Time fits nicely alongside the works of such artists as Freedy Johnston and Ron Sexsmith as the touchstone for the '90's new crop of young writers.-AMG

David Mead - The Luxury Of Time - 1999 pt1/rs
David Mead - The Luxury Of Time - 1999 pt2/rs
David Mead - The Luxury Of Time - 1999 pt1/sb

David Mead - The Luxury Of Time - 1999 pt2/sb
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jay strange said...

great album...i interview the man about it at the time...its here if you're interested

Anonymous said...

i don't understand. if you love all this music why do you steal it and rob the artists of a chance to make a living?

tomg said...

Great choice. I think it's the best album from Mead. I couldn't rid of Robert Bradley's melody for a while, back in the day.

PD (to anynymous): This is a blog about music and lovers. Don't you get it? You can always go to a David Mead concert, buy a ticket and buy a record.
We are back to the future or what?


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