Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Confusions - Trampoline - 2002

The Swedish indie pop band the Confusions comprised singer/guitarist Mikael Andersson-Knut, guitarist Patrik Engstrom, bassist Magnus Jonsson, keyboardist Zarah Edstrom and drummer Mattias Lofstrom. The group debuted in 1993 with "Split!," one half of a split single recorded with the band Funny Farm; a tour followed, after which the Confusions issued the EP Forever, scoring a hit with the track "All Dressed Up." Teaming with producer Arvid Lind (better known as a member of Popsicle), they recorded the full-length Being Young in 1995; the Cardigans' Peter Svensson helmed the follow-up, 1996's Everyone's Invited, which launched the hit "Steroid Hearts." Six-O-Seven, also produced by Svensson, followed two years later. After a four year silence the group returned in 2002 with a new producer, Pontus Frisk, and a new album, Trampoline.-AMG

The Confusions - Trampoline - 2002 pt1/rs
The Confusions - Trampoline - 2002 pt2/rs
The Confusions - Trampoline - 2002 pt1/sb
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hello can we have a reup somedays!!!! i love this albums.
thanks for your great blog


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