Friday, March 20, 2009

Anthemic Pop Wonder - Supersonic Lullabies - 2003

Anthemic Pop Wonder's final CD - recorded in 2003 and released early in 2004. Like the Replacements' final LP (ie. Westerberg's first solo record), Supersonic Lullabies is Dfactor's first solo LP (unless you count Rapid Pop Thrills, which was pretty close as well). All the APW trademarks are here - from the 70s AM radio pop of "Ridin' a Hitch" and the punk-inspired "Chip in the Head" to the sweet and tender "Yours Forever" and the REM-esque CD closer "Green & Gold". A good number of these songs formed the playlist of the final APW rock shows in early 2004. Playing all the instruments, writing all the songs and singing his heart out, Dfactor comes up with another cool collection of catchy pop rock and roll songs designed to flip your wig on repeated listens. -CD Baby

Anthemic Pop Wonder - Supersonic Lullabies - 2003/rs

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