Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tsar - Tsar - 2000

Twisting post-grunge into a cheeky glam rock sound is the delicious façade of Los Angeles' Tsar. On their self-titled debut, Tsar plays around with generic-branded alterna-rock for a humorous collection of songs. There will be no thrashing angst-ridden headbanging going on, for Tsar melts glossy new wave elements with corporate guitar rock flair. And the spiraling guitar loops and teetering percussion are firmly in place for a healthy dose of modern pop/rock. To capture this jaunty punk-pop, Tsar brought in producer Rob Cavallo (Green Day, Goo Goo Dolls, Eric Clapton) and mixer impresario Chris Lord-Alge (Duran Duran, Savage Garden, Stevie Nicks, Hole). Frontman Jeff Whalen is lyrically wild, sheer, and quirky and his swirling vocals mimic the sassiness of Cheap Trick's Robin Zander. Songs like the anthemic "I Don't Want to Break Up" and "Calling All Destroyers" are loosely constructed to make the sharpest pop song sound chart-happy. They're lackadaisical in the artistical sense, but certainly an enjoyable listen. They aren't exceptional musicians yet, but Tsar's knack for nailing animated musical fluff is pure fun, and their music is meant to serve only that purpose. -AMG

If you like "Tsar" get it here!

Tsar - Tsar - 2000/rs
Tsar - Tsar - 2000/badongo
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Todd said...

This Cd Re-inspired my interest in glam & pop when it came out and literally didn't leave my car cd player for 3 months. You NEED to listen to this!

Then go to...

to hear their version of Backstreet Boys "Larger Than Life"

jim kosmicki said...

this is one of the better CDs that I've ever owned. Once you listen to it, it will stay in at least semi-permanent rotation forever. I still say their name caused most of the problems. DJs had to know how to pronounce it and then anybody going to the record store to purchase it had to know to look under T instead of C or Z. I can't believe that anybody hearing a track from this CD didn't want to buy it.

Szalai said...

Highly recommended!! Thanks

jay strange said...

this is a great album but beware the album after this gem, its strictly heavy metal type rock....

Anonymous said...

Never did any band so completely have it and then so completely and willingly give it up. I saw Tsar's first show when they were called Stupid Girl and they were a MILLION FUCKING TIMES better than the first album everyone seems to love so much. I still have cheaply recorded demos that predate this record by a couple of years that blow away anything on this or later releases. Someday I'll figure out how to start a blog and post them so everyone can hear what could have and should have been. Tsar could have been as great as the Exploding Hearts. Instead, we're left with two totally overproduced albums. Never a good sign when all the tempos get slowed down and the lyrics are changed on the major label release.


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