Saturday, November 29, 2008

This Perfect Day - C-60 - 1998

even sounds kind of like This Perfect Day are probably the least overtly Swedish of the mid-'90s' deluge of Swede pop bands; if anything, they sound like yet another post-Blur Brit-pop group. Singer Mats ErikssonDamon Albarn without the Paul Weller-derived vocal affectations, and the shuffling beat, guitar explosions, and trumpet accents of the first single, "Down on My Knees," suggest what Oasis might sound like if they had talent for anything besides Beatles plagiarism. C-60, the band's fourth album but only their second U.S. release, features a dozen catchy pop songs given depth and weight by smart production touches (whining Moog on "Fishtank," horns on "So Naive," handclaps and harmonies everywhere) and a super-compressed sound favored by guitarists Rickard Johansson and Ove Markstrom that gives nearly every song an exciting, contents-under-pressure edge. Titles like those above and the equally power-of-positive-thinking "Young and Stupid," "Break My Arm," and the ironically joyous "In Two Weeks You Will Be Forgotten" (probably the best song on the album) add to the, erm, fun. Although the opening track, the searing lost-love rocker "Could Have Been Friends," sounded like a possible hit, C-60 did not live up to commercial expectations, and the group was dropped by Sony shortly after its release. -AMG

If you like "C-60" get it here!

This Perfect Day - C-60 - 1998/rs

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Anonymous said...

Hi, .. I'm from Bangkok, Thailand

I love "This Perfect Day"
Would you mind, If I request something.
Do you have another LP or EP of this band.
This will be big appreciate for me.

thank you

Anonymous said...

Me ha encantado este album, no los conocia y me parece un grupo genial,energia y melodia para un gran disco.Gracias por este magnifico blog,thank you very much.

Lorem Ipsum said...

Hello, can you re-upload this album or all of This Perfect Day album?

Thx you so much!

If you don't mind, please tell me on my email. Thx.

Anonymous said...

Please, re-upload!!!


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