Monday, November 17, 2008

Push Kings - Push Kings (Sealed Fate) - 1996

With albums like this, who needs friends? On this debut, one of the-best written pop albums of the '90s, Finn Moore Gerety and Carrick Moore Gerety sing like birds, both falling somewhere between Paul McCartney and Squeeze's Glenn Tilbrook. "Nine Straight Lines" kicks off the album, and it's a non-stop popfest from then on. "Pop Phenomenon," "Florida," "Number Ones" and "Stay With Her" are just a few more gems that fill up this aural feast. "Love In My Heart"'s verses have a cute new-wavey cod-reggae beat, but then the chorus kicks into a Badfinger-esque rocker and takes this track into the stratosphere. If the Spongetones are the pop world's Beatles, then the Push Kings are its Badfinger. Stunning. -AMG

If you like "Push Kings" get it here!

Push Kings - Push Kings (Sealed Fate) - 1996 pt1/rs

Push Kings - Push Kings (Sealed Fate) - 1996 pt2/rs
Push Kings - Push Kings (Sealed Fate) - 1996 pt1/badongo
Push Kings - Push Kings (Sealed Fate) - 1996 pt2/badongo Rate this posting:


Gabe said...

This and the Push King's second album (Far Places) are 2 of the best post-80s power pop albums. Essentila. It would be nice if someone reissued them w. bonus tracks, etc... but not too hard to find used.

Todd said...

Carrick is in his own band called "Everybody Else" and their debut cd should have been on everybody's best of list!

Anonymous said...

I would love it if you reuploaded part2 somewhere. :3 Thank you.


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