Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Knack - ...But the Little Girls Understand - 1980

Mike Chapman summed it up best in the liner notes -- "The songs are an assortment of feelings and emotions expressed redundantly as only the Knack can...This record is very dear to me and my bank manager." The self-deprecating title (which quotes Willie Dixon's "Back Door Man") isn't really an attempt to apologize but rather to let everyone know that they were in on the joke all along -- and they're laughing all the way to the bank. This is essentially a rewrite of the debut, especially evident on the lead-off single "Baby Talks Dirty." It's not as good as Get the Knack and didn't sell nearly as well, but it is a good time for those who don't take rock & roll too seriously. -AMG

If you like "...But the Little Girls Understand" get it here!

The Knack - ...But the Little Girls Understand - 1980/rs
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George said...

cool... haven't heard this in years.

Todd said...

They were still red-hot when this was released but "Baby Talks Dirty" killed the momentum. People thought they were a one trick pony (Despite all the other singles from their first album.)
I always thought they should have gone with "Can't put a price on Love" as the first single.

harleytexas said...

Anyone have Round Trip???

KSHE Klassics Dude said...

Curty Ray...I have "Round Trip" if you don't. Let me know if you want me to upload it and send you the link. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Todd -it was dumb/stupid/idiotic for Capitol Records to put out that Baby Talks Dirty crap - which is a throwaway song and not representative of the rest of this great album. This album is an homage to the influence of 50's music and Doug & Co did a great job in bridging between the 50's, 60's and whatever their genre is.. powerpop on steroids? Anyway - thanks for the share here - much appreciates.


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