Thursday, November 6, 2008

Kelly's Heels - Blunt Cut - 1999

The energy bottled up in this music is amazing. Rock music requires sweat to be effective and Kelly's Heels never rest a second. The vocals are delivered full throated, Bob has a pleasant catch in his voice - it can reach the high notes of the musical scale. The other main ingredient in an earnest rock album is the guitar, and 'Blunt Cut' features tuneful guitar backing and solos. Lots of handclaps, too.Ê In fact this album is dense with 'em - a suggestion for the listener to clap along.This album sounds like a throwback to an earlier time. The ballad 'Surely' could have been written in 1950 just as easily as the late nineties. Has the same sultry feel as 'Blueberry Hill'. The rockers have a classic feel to them, as well. For example, the frantic 'Someone, Somewhere' could have fit in the seventies with it's chiming guitar solo.In summary, Bob Kelly is very serious and deservedly proud about his musical output to date. His talents need even more encouragement - give this CD an interested listen. -Sherman Boim

If you like "Blunt Cut" get it here!

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Kelly's Heels said...

Great to see you spreading the word, but we're a jobbing band so please please buy the album or MP3s if you can - it'll keep us making music!

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