Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Junior League - Catchy - 2006

Not really a band effort, it was, in fact, recorded entirely by frontman Joe Adragna - but the album title is positively spot on! Featuring lotsa crunchy and jangly guitars, nice harmonies and tons o' hooks! "'These Tender Things' is anything but tender in its sound, a blend of Kinks-rock and garage pop. 'This Is What We Are' might be the standout on the disc, providing the answer 'damn great' to the musical question 'What would Marshall Crenshaw sound like if he were backed by The Smithereens?'" -

If you like "Catchy" get it here!

The Junior League - Catchy - 2006/rs
The Junior League - Catchy - 2006/badongo
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Anonymous said...

Great Blog, I thought you might want to know that the badongo link is going to rapidshare instead.

New Jackdaw? If you got it...

Muchas gracias!


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