Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Head Candy - Starcaster - 1991

Iowa has long been a fertile breeding ground for driving pop bands. With guitarists Mike Sangster and Doug Roberson coming from two such bands, the Hollowmen and the Dangtrippers respectively, Head Candy is poised to carry on the tradition. Sangster's vocals oscillate between an uneasy tension and a mellow smoothness in much the same way that Head Candy's songs reflect both a world-weary callousness and a vulnerable sweetness. Witness the brash groove of the opening cut "Soul Grinder" segued into catchy riffs embedded in "In The Night Kitchen." Starcaster's uncomplicated production gives it an even mesh, comprised of grinding guitars and fuzzy vocals vibrating over a firm rhythm section. Every sound falls neatly into place without being jelled into a sticky gloss, creating a steadfast sound throughout. Start with the afore-mentioned two cuts, and move along to the frail melodies and lyrics of "Part Of The Earth," the sinister jangle of "Watching The Sun's Trail," the jagged melodies of "Rocket Transfer Warehouse" and the delicate instrumental "Invitation To A Beheading."

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floodlitfootprint said...

Any chance for a 1972 "The Raspberries" debut repost please?



Anonymous said...

Been looking for this for ages. Had it on cassette back when it came out. Got it from a pawn shop. Love it. Thanks a million!

DigMeOut said...

Check out a podcast review of Head Candy's Starcaster at Dig Me Out is a weekly podcast dedicated to digging up lost College Rock, Alt Rock, Indie Rock and Hard Rock of the 1990s, one album at a time.


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