Thursday, November 27, 2008

Girlpope - The Whole Scene Going - 1999

Girlpope's The Whole Scene Going showcases a small group of musicians with a sincere and evident affection for everything rock & roll. Vocalist/guitarist Mark Norris delivers lyrics that are light on the angst and heavy on the pop, with a rough around the edges quality that makes for endearing power melodies. "Real Whigged Out" shows off the band's retro-hippy groove with a hint of the Beatles meets the Doors (complete with a sensationally strong finish). Norris' guitar is always loud and lively, yet controlled by accessible chord structures and singable choruses. The album's lead-off track, "Indy 500," and the keyboard-propelled "So Far as Now" draw upon pop-punk harmonies, persistent licks, and memorable hooks to illustrate Girlpope's knack for crafting enjoyable tunes. Splashy, sassy, and fun, these guys from Buffalo, NY, have a whole lot going for them in this energetic yet compact collection of catchy mod rock songs revelling in the raw attack of irreverent noise pop. -AMG

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Girlpope - The Whole Scene Going - 1999/rs

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