Friday, November 7, 2008

The Forty Fives - Get It Together - 1999

The Forty Fives craft a garage rock sound that is similar to classic '60s bands like Creation. On Get It Together, they combine 13 of their rocking anthems together for one fun, albeit unoriginal, album. Bryan Malone has a great voice for this genre, filled with the type of grit and youthful anger that made their influences so wonderful. There is a lazy, Link Wray-style guitar that crawls over the moody title track that makes it the standout on the album, but the hard grit that carries songs like "Undercover Man" is mostly what their sound is about. A few tracks trade the angst in for a Beatles-influenced style, and unfortunately the band cannot maintain their power on these pop songs. But mostly this is a good listen from a band that has a good grasp on what makes their sound, and that is what will make this easy for fans of rock music to get into. -AMG If you like " Get It Together" get i t here!

The Forty Fives - Get It Together - 1999/rs
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Thanx for the forty- fives massive sound


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