Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Bank Holidays - As A Film - 2007

Melbourne indie kingpin J Walker oversees this new album from WA quartet The Bank Holidays, a crisp, rather stately collection of prettily arranged indie-rock with elements of all kinds of melodic pop music, both new and old. Teaching Pupils and This Elated Height share The Shins’ brand of classically angular songcraft, while there’s gently harmonic folk pop in Folded In Half, and sweeping Brian Wilson melancholy in Consolation Prize. James Crombie and Bekk Reczek share lead vocal duties, but they sound particularly inviting when they sing together, their smooth, appealing two-part harmonies enhancing the album’s lush and atmospheric pop songs. - Matt Thrower, Rave

If you like "As A Film" get it here!

The Bank Holidays - As A Film - 2007/rs
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Silversuit said...

:-) Absolutely amazing Mr. Ray - you've come up with the goods yet again!! Thanks so much.


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