Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Throwback Suburbia - Four Play (EP) - 2007

It’s not often in these days of syrupy pop and vacuous celebrity-ism that you come across a band that is just interested in making real rock & roll. Throwback Suburbia is such a band. Endeavoring to create the kind of sound that modern pop-rock is missing by blending pop melodies and intelligent lyrics with a rock & roll attitude, Throwback Suburbia have managed to capture the essence of retro-pop and make it modern rock. -CD baby

If you like "Four Play" get it here!

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popheaven said...

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I'm gonna post lots of power pop as well, so if you'll add me to your blog list will be great.

Anonymous said...

.... wow

need more .... now

do you have any icecream hands?

i have memory lane traffic jam and haven't seen any of their other discography anywhere

.... and that's just ... sad

PPO is my "desert island" blog ... don't ever change.

Anonymous said...

... after a second listen, this is top shelf

very nice pickup

Curty Ray said...

Here is Icecream Hand's first disc. Hope you like it!!
It would be cool if you left a name next time.

darthrep said...

sorry bout that, curty ray.

you have a very nice site here, i can find none better


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