Saturday, August 23, 2008

Tennis Pro - Happy is the New Sad - 2004

With a head-turning indie debut, Tennis Pro shines much-needed sunshine across an otherwise soggy musical landscape. The album title says it all: Happy is the New Sad. Tennis Pro is writing a new chapter in Seattle's musical legacy with hand-clap choruses, Beach Boy harmonies, and the occasional new wave synth. Sure to inspire the rolling down of car windows while cruising the streets in your dad's camaro, Happy is the New Sad cultivates the best elements of The Ramones' punk simplicity and Fountains of Wayne's wry pop: ravenous guitars, pounding drums, and a sassy yet strangely poignant tongue-in-cheek take on American life. Tunes like "Camping With A Girl" and "The Mix Tape Song" showcase their high-school-meets-high-art approach, putting the art of the well-crafted pop song first and backing it with sass and style. Fronted by an acclaimed fiction writer and a classical composer turned rock bassist, Tennis Pro declares that Happy is indeed the New Sad with a handful of 2-minute pop/punk gems overflowing with the band's quirky sincerity.

If you like "Happy is the New Sad" get it here!

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