Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Sames - The Sames (E.P.) - 2002

If you like the Feelies, chances are you'll like EP, which serves as a neat introduction to the Sames. Hypnotic, intertwining guitars laid down over staccato rhythms are the rule here, and done to good effect at that. Layered vocals produce an overall dreamy quality, making songs like "An Excuse We Give," "I Wish That You'd Written This Song", and "Live My Life for Me" the aural equivalent of a mood-altering pharmaceutical. The highlight is the seven minute opus, "Plight of the Bumble-bee," a song that bounds along wistfully like a great lost Feelies tune, and features tortured, Velvet Underground-like guitar -Amplifier Magazine

If toy like "E.P." get it here!

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Glen said...

love the Feelies, look forward to hearing this, thank you (for all your posts)


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