Monday, August 11, 2008

The Pop Project - Stars of Stage and Screen - 2008

Stars of Stage and Screen was five years in the making, and its prolonged gestation is reflected in the meticulous craft of the arrangements — producer Andy Thompson has covered every song with a delicious layer of honey and powdered sugar to complement the band’s love for ringing guitars, touches of brass, new wave-y keyboards, and (of course) the requisite stacks of glorious, glorious vocal harmonies.Though some tracks, like “Coerce,” carry a heavy early ’80s vibe, Stars of Stage and Screen manages to run the power pop gamut in its dozen tracks, from the snarky “Secondary Players” to the heart-on-sleeve laments of “Never Got the Breaks” and “Someone Who Would Understand.” All of it is 100% awesome — and speaking of awesome, my favorite song right now is this album’s “Totally Awesome”

If you like "Stars of Stage and Screen" get it here!

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Anonymous said...

This is a great album. A truly great discovery (one of the reason I really like this blog is finding gems like this I would otherwise had never heard of...)

One of the best things you've posted recently!

Darren said...

Beautiful album.

Thanks for introducing this album to me.


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