Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ice Cream Hands - Sweeter Than the Radio - 1999

It's rare that a band's music can make you do more than dance, and it's even rarer that their name alone gives you a food craving; amazingly, Ice Cream Hands is one of these bands. Their 1997 release Memory Lane Traffic Jam was one of the best power-pop releases of 1997, and on their third album, the group turns out another series of catchy power-pop gems. The set seems more "adult" this time — the songs are generally more acoustic-based than those on the last release — but that doesn't hurt the album at all. The singles "Dodgy," "Spirit Level Windowsill," and "Yellow and Blue" are perfect pop gems, but there's a good deal of excellence in the other tracks as well. "Picture Disc From the Benelux" is a frothy pop confection, and the acoustic Paul Simon-esque "You Could Be Reported" is an amusing take at gender inequality and sexual harassment. While the album could use a few more knockout tracks, the collection as a whole is a recipe for happiness, and it's difficult to argue with that. Grab a spoon and choose your favorite flavor; this album is sure to please. -AMG

If you liked "Sweeter Than the Radio" get it here!

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Silversuit said...

Ice Cream Hands hit their peak with this Beauty.. Just inches out 'Memory Lane...' for me. The best Aus band alongside Even


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