Saturday, August 2, 2008

Hutch - Hollylake & Silverwood - 2008

Hutch is a story-tellin' man, who most always takes the high road, who plays smart, conscious, grown-up pop, for people who love heart-felt rock'n'roll. Outstanding, emotional music that stays with you all day. If you have a radio-show, or podcast, add his unforgettable songs to your playlist, and help let the people know there are still songwriters currently crafting music with this much substance. This kinda sunny music makes me think of sneaking into drive-in's. Of fireworks and vintage car shows. "Hollylake And Silverwood " is like a bomb-pop on the front porch, while the girls all tan on towels, in the neighbor's yard. It'll make you feel young again. And ain't that what real rock'n'roll is for?? To help you remember, and forget?!! Shine on, Hutch Brothers. The world needs more like you! -Sugarbuzz Magizine

If you like "Hollylake & Silverwood" get it here!

Hutch - Hollylake & Silverwood - 2008 pt1
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Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say thanks for the great blog. Found it yesterday and there are some treasures here.


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