Friday, August 22, 2008

Even - Even - 2008

Even are exactly what they are and what Ashley Naylor wants them to be — a band who loves their Beatles, their ELO, their power-pop, their hints of roots music appreciation. It's all in there and they're not only not hiding it, they revel in it. It would be pointless to criticize something that they're precisely aiming for, no less so than any number of acts exploring their own favorite genres almost to a fault. Even the songtitles hit the trick moment for moment — "I Am the Light," "Keep on Burning," "The Fool Who Makes You Sad," these are all spot on. Naylor's yearning vocals, the tuneful guitar crunches, the flanged vocals and buried string swells on "Only One," it's all designed to slot them in alongside bands ranging from the Shoes to Cheap Trick to Redd Kross to Teenage Fanclub to Jellyfish, and it's well in line with what he's been doing leading Even all these years. But so perfected is this approach now that there's almost little to say — Even as an album is such a flawless example of what Naylor aims for that it's almost something to admire and regard with appreciation more than anything else. When a song like "Superstition Blues" is exactly the kind of stylishly formal exercise one might guess, down to the twang in the vocals as much as the guitars and mouth-harp, what more can be done but to acknowledge it for what it is? So if any of this sounds like it would appeal, then Even is going to be a treat, but there's still something to be said for trying to push oneself creatively — and, ultimately, it's just not in evidence here. -AMG


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Silversuit said...

awesome album, incredible band.. This one isnt as good as "Come Again" though then again there aren't many albums that are.. Ace blog I love it :-)

Anonymous said...

hello curt can we have a re up somedays!!! thank you again for all!!


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