Friday, August 29, 2008

The Continentals - Fizz Pop (Modern Rock) (EP) - 1980

One of the few entries in the short-lived CBS NuDisk experiment of four- to five-song 10" EPs — Cheap Trick, New Musik, and the Nina Hagen Band were some of the other guinea pigs — Fizz Pop (Modern Rock) is the Continentals' one and only major label release. Their brand of gutsy power pop is on the Plimsouls/Last side of the equation, with noisier guitars and rougher vocals than you'd find on a Rubinoos or Raspberries album, but while ex-Ramone Tommy Erdelyi's production sounds great, Thomas Doherty and William John Holliday's songwriting is frustratingly inconsistent. The two songs on side one, the anthemic title track and the similarly passionate "Walking Tall," are terrific. On the flip, the anti-radio rant "Housewives' Delight" and the puerile "Two Lips From Amsterdam" (note the seventh-grade-level pun) sound like second-rate Knack rejects, complete with obnoxious Doug Fieger-style smug vocals. Perhaps this is why CBS NuDisk failed (although the 12" mini-album stayed popular throughout vinyl's commercial lifetime). -AMG

Ripped @ 320 from virgin vinyl!

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Anonymous said...

god bless you. ive been looking for this for years. back in 1980 i collected all of these. you are correct regarding side 1 vs side 2.walking tall is a great frikkin song.again thank you very much.oh yeah two other nu disks were from the clash and gary glitter.


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