Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Big Wheel - Identity Parade - 2005

Produced by Chris Von Sneidern (who also plays all over the record), Big Wheel have that San Francisco power pop sound. You ask, "What exactly is that SF pop sound, Bruce?!". I reply, "Well, I kind of just made it up, but has a lot to do with bands that were influenced by The Rubinoos and really rock up their pop, bands like Spinning Jennies, artists like Chris Von Sneidern and...well, maybe there isn`t an SF pop sound, but if there was, Big Wheel would have it!". Well, I mean it but you`ll hear refrains of other very NON-SF pop bands like They Might Be Giants, XTC and Anton Barbeau, who lives really, really close to San Francisco, so I may be onto something, actually! Seriously, the influences of Von Sneidern is important note because if you are going ape an indie popper, he`s not only a very good one to embrace, it shows eminently good taste and, indeed, Big Wheel has that ability to craft silky, smooth slow melodies that never rush to get to their destination and build in busy, but unpretentious studio embellishments that only enhance the whole effect. This formula is most successful on a song like "Triangle Solo", which I don`t think a triangle appears on. Like said, the influence of CVS. -Not Lame


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