Saturday, June 7, 2008

Stratocruiser - Stratocruiser - 2002

Their first release! Featuring former members of Bullwinkel Gandhi, Doleful Lions and The Gladhands, Stratocruiser have a knack for moving between different sub-genres without discernable effort, picking out the best parts and reassembling them in a new, unexpected way and most enjoyable fashion. They twist primordial guitar riffage with swirling classic keyboard sounds and walls of jangle to create a sound that is tried, tested but electrifying. Like many of the neo-retro band that now dot the landscape, they demonstrate a vast and encyclopedic knowledge of every trick in the book. Strong, impassioned vocals, layered guitars, creamy instrument tones, thick harmonies and solid, hummable melodies comprise the core Stratocruiser experience. Mixed by Robert Slege(ex-Ben Folds Five), there`s plenty of 60`s jangle in the vein of The Shambles, The Cobbwebbs and plenty of Byrds harmonies and jangle, too. Mix in some late 70`s power pop/new wave stylings, some late 80`s XTC psych and a bit of 90`s thump and Strato rocks ragin` full on. -CD Baby

If you like " Stratocruiser" get it here!

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steven said...

I just stumbled across this blog a couple days ago and cannot even begin to thank you enough. Your posts align about 95% with my main musical tastes! Also, by your graciousness, I have been able to fill a few holes in my collection.

Also, I have finally found a place to ask if by any chance you have the CD "Are You Serious" by a person called Van Duren. I have recently read that is is a hugely overlooked gem, that I managed to miss. If so, could you consider posting?

Anyway...thanks so much. I really love the blog!


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