Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Montgomery Cliffs - Snap, Crackle, Power Pop - 2008

The Montgomery Cliffs are a three man power-pop band. They have released several albums (a pop opera included)over the last decade. Based out of New York, this award winning band is led by singer-songwriter, Joey Salvia. Salvia, is best known for his radio/broadcasting work. He is heard daily on The Michael Kay Show,(ESPN) where he writes theme songs and comedy bits. He has also released a few solo efforts. Dennis Carollo (drums) and Wayne Thomas Kurz (guitar) round out this power house trio who make a big sound while ripping through some very catchy songs. Here, you get a mix of The Cliffs recordings, including the popular holiday classic, Christmas Lights, tunes from thier debut, Andiamo!, and their self-titled release. All but track 18 was produced by the very talented,Andy Bopp.

If you like "Snap, Crackle, Power Pop" get it here!

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