Thursday, June 26, 2008

Milkshake Jones - Gala Days - 2007

Based out of Harrisburg, PA, Milkshake Jones is a quartet that blends the sound of classic power pop with a dash of alt-country twang and a rock guitar edge. Fronted by songwriter and primary vocalist John Micek, the group also features Mark Burke on guitar, Marni Micek on bass, and Paul Murr on drums. After developing a local following in Harrisburg, the band started heading out for short tours and playing shows with the likes of Mitch Easter and Tim Lee, the latter of whom collaborated with John Micek for a song on Milkshake Jones' debut EP, released by the Paisley Pop label in 2003. -AMG

If you like "Gala Days" get it here!

Milkshake Jones - Gala Days - 2007
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King Size Mong said...

You post so much stuff it's hard to keep up and choose which things to get.

But the description of this jumped right out at me.

A really good album. To my ears very much in the style of Gin Blossoms, SideWinders, Sand Rubies.

I actually bypassed the download here to get it off eMusic.

Thanks for the pointer to new music.

John Micek said...

Thanks for the mention of our LP. I hope as many of your readers buy it as possible.
We're really proud of the record and a lot of work went into it.
You can also check out our MySpace page, and the Web page for my solo work at

Thanks again.
John Micek
Milkshake Jones

Curty Ray said...

Link removed at copyright owners request.

jim said...

I see John Micek got here first. Oh well, it's also Mention this blog, and I'll throw in a copy of their first EP as well.



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