Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Guru's - Now - 2008

Singing entirely in English, Barcelona trio the Gurus play power pop heavily indebted to the '60s sounds of the Beatles, the Byrds, and the Who, with milder influences creeping in from the likes of the Kinks and obscure late-'60s psychedelia. Their self-titled full-length debut album came out in 2004. -AMG

If you like "Now" get it here!

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Anonymous said...

Hi from France and thank you for your great blog. I'm a power pop fan and i have many of the discs that you post on your blog. On your upload of The gurus "Now" it seems to me that there are 2 songs missing. I don't have track 4 & track 5, maybe it's just me i don't know?
Again thanks for your hard work.


Anonymous said...

Good blog !
Just one thing if you please,it will be easier to put at least the front cover in the file.
About the Gurus post :
for me track 4 is on part 1 & 2 and only track 5 is missing.
Thanks for your good work!

Curty Ray said...

All links shouls be fixed. Any other problens let me know.

Thanks for the feedback.

Anonymous said...

Hi curty ray,
thanks to post this excellent spanish band, with great power-pop and psychedelic sounds.


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