Friday, June 13, 2008

The dB'S - Stands For Decibels - 1981

On their debut, the dB's combined a reverence for British pop and arty, post-punk leanings that alternate between minimalism and a love of quirky embellishment, odd sounds, and unexpected twists; Stands for Decibels is clearly a collegiate pop experiment, but rarely is experimentation so enjoyable and irresistibly catchy. Singing and songwriting duties are shared equally by Chris Stamey and Peter Holsapple — Stamey, more quirky and psychedelic-leaning with a winsome, pure-pop whine, is nicely balanced by Holsapple's more earthy drawl and straightforward approach. The album stands not only as a landmark power-pop album, but also as a prototype for much of the Southern jangle that would follow. [Stands for Decibels remained criminally unavailable in the U.S. for years. When IRS reissued it on CD in 1989, Holsapple's "Judy" was added as a bonus track.] -AMG

If you like "Stands For Decibels" get it here!

The dB'S - Stands For Decibels - 1981
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stuart said...

could you repost please? thanks!

bosco said...

Does anyone know where to find this in FLAC?

Anonymous said...

No man it's a shame I want that album so bad


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